Welcome to a World of Common Sense!

I’m so glad you decided to read this blog! I don’t expect thousands, or even hundreds of readers here (heck, I’d be satisfied with tens of readers). Instead, I intend this blog as sort of quiet rant. If no one reads, at least I have worked out some of my frustration by writing it down and hopefully pushed myself to find the good that still exists in my profession. If a few people read and agree, hopefully they will be inspired to speak out in their own, as I have.

I hope that this blog will remain positive and constructive, both in my own posts and in the discussion that follows, if there is any. When I do criticize what I see as problems in education, I intend to do so in a respectful, educated way and hope that those who comment here will do the same. My intent is not to throw more negativity into the discourse, but to inject a healthy dose of common sense.

Happy reading,